To Go.
Introducing XKit Mobile. Do more on the go.
It's here. Your blacklist. Your muted users. Your blocked posts.
Your lack of recommended posts. Your tags added to your asks before publishing them.
Your ability to reply to a notification quickly. Your reply, in your outbox.
In short, your blog. The way you want it. Packed to go.
Make that dashboard yours.
XKit Mobile comes with Blacklist, PostBlock, Mute and other features that lets you take control of what you see on your dashboard. With Mute you can block certain types of posts from people, while with PostBlock you can block a post you don't like (including reblogs of it.) It even comes with Disable GIFs, if animated loops are not really your thing. And Safe Dash, if seeing genitals in public is also something you are not into. Or recommended posts, for that matter.
Evolutionary Intelligent Design.
Some things should be just one tap away, not buried deep within menus. XKit Mobile allows you to quickly switch between your dashboard, inbox, notifications and settings and features such as viewing your tracked tags and turning on Safe Dash.
If there is anything this world
needs, it's more communication.
You can now reply to notifications without taking a screenshot.
Or tagging them manually. Or anything other than tapping on a notification and writing your reply. XKit Mobile will do the rest. (PS: You can also give a custom tag to all your replies so you can easily find and delete them later.)
Power corrupts. Enjoy.
XKit Mobile gives you more options when doing almost anything.
Tag asks before publishing them. View the source of a post. Check if a blog is following you back. Tag posts by type and state while reblogging them. Even pick the quality when uploading a video or photo, so it can be uploaded faster if you are on a slow network - or just can't wait.

Enjoy responsibly.
Master words, not memory.
(Unless you want to, of course.)
You've just sent someone a reply. Now don't be that person who asks what they are up to twice in less than 2 minutes. With Outbox saving your last 20 sent asks and replies, you won't be that person. Unless you forget to check your Outbox.
(PS: Don't be that person who forgets to check their outbox.)
Took 7 months to develop.
You'll master it in 7 minutes.
Bad things happen when us humans assume things.
This is why XKit Mobile comes with helpful tips throughout the application.
You begin with a tutorial, then when you are ready to fiddle with the details, you will find tips explaining features, and how to use them most efficiently.
Quick Launch To Outside.
XKit Mobile works with XCloud on your desktop, so you don't have to worry about re-entering all those words on your blacklist, or finding and re-blocking those posts you've used some PostBlock magic on.

First sync your settings to XCloud on your desktop.
Then sign in on your phone, and hit "Transfer To This Device".
Beautifully Embedded.
Since all the features of XKit Mobile are embedded into the app rather than running on top of a page or another app, you will experience performance like never before. No more waiting for features to "kick in": when you load a page or more posts, if a post contains a blacklisted word, it will appear blacklisted. If it's blocked, you won't see a glimpse of that post.
What's in the box?
XCloud Transfer
One-Tap Reply
Inbox Tagging
Timestamps in Inbox
Safe Dash
Disable GIFs
Unified Inbox
Hide Recommendeds
View Source Post
In-App Bug Reporting
Color Schemes
Upload/UI Customization
Query Follower
One-Tap Reblog

XKit Mobile works on any iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 7.0 or later.
Full iPad support is coming very soon. Actual product does not come in a box nor is box shaped.
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(why is it not free?)